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what was your past URL?

i never had a old url, i just deleted the blog altogether. it was just too unorganized and i needed a break to sort my life out. but roffat was amazing enough to save my url for me while i got myself back together. she’s forever a debt to me, i owe her.

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jingle bells, jingle bells, jingle bell rocks...
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[NEWS] 131210 - B.A.P, Officially Working On Their Album —- “Set January as their goal”

B.A.P, who have currently just wrapped up their first Japanese tour, have started official work on their Korean album.

On the 10th, representatives from TS Entertainment revealed to STARNEWS, "After wrapping up Japanese performances on the 6th, they plan to work on their new Korean album."

The representative continued on by adding, "B.A.P has been simultaneously working on their new Korean songs while promoting in Japan. They’ve currently reached the halfway point for their new Korean album, and are currently recording as they have set next January as their goal for release."

(Omitted irrelevant information)

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The perks of dating Bang Yongguk

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Yongguk on Hell’s Kitchen.

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yongguks "rap"

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Jong Up - Hurricane !

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cr: [1] [2] [3]

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